Evolution of News

There was a time when news travelled at a pace that was so slow that when one country heard of an event taking place in another country the news was literally hour’s old or even in some cases days old.T.

General Info About the Cypriot Newspapers Laws

The media developed in Cyprus with the arrival of British people in the island in 1878 and the freedom of expression began to apply. Before 1878 it was inconceivable for everyone to think publishing a newspaper.

Online Cyprus News Portal

In today's world, online news websites play a leading role in people receiving information concerning all the newest happenings in the world. Due to the busy life than many of us lead, we no longer have the time to sit in front of the television.

Cyprus Newspapers

There are a number of newspapers in Cyprus that publish news either on a daily or weekly basis. Many of the newspapers will also have an online version to enable access to your favourite Cypriot source of news no matter where you are in the world.

News, Media & Gossip

In the information age of the modern world the internet brings us around the clock news coverage on both crucial and not so crucial happenings in the world. The line between news and gossip is increasingly becoming unclear which the media seems to be unconcerned about.