The media developed in Cyprus with the arrival of British people in the island in 1878 and the freedom of expression began to apply. Before 1878 it was inconceivable for everyone to think publishing a newspaper.

The first Cypriot newspaper released on 29 of August 1878 and since then the history of Cypriot Journalist starts. The principles of freedom and TIE press freedom and freedom of expression spread to the island.

After independence of Cyprus in 1960, Cypriot television and radio start developing also. Today in Cyprus we have full freedom of expression and citizens can be informed daily about whatever happens daily in the world especially reading newspapers.

Press Freedom

Press in Cyprus is free and independent. Press freedom is determined by the Constitution of the Republic. Everybody has the right to speak and write opinions, information’s or ideas without any ban from public authorities.

The proliferation of newspapers in Cyprus, Cypriot and foreign one, shows the major freedom in opinions and ideas.

Law of Cyprus Press Freedom

Law of 1989 ensures freedom of the press for the unhindered circulation of newspapers and the journalist’s right not to reveal the sources of their information’s. Journalists of Cyprus have established a committee to follow all legal procedures.

Free access to information in Cyprus

All the journalists, Cypriots or Foreign, have the right for free enter to public sources to take information’s , the freedom to search and take information’s from any authority of democracy and have the right to publish them. Any information which concern state or public safety or public ethical matters can not be published.

When a journalist writes articles about legal or court cases the details have to be accurate and true.

People or organizations which are mentioned in newspapers publications or articles have the right to answer if they think that the information’s which concern them are false or misleading. Their answers must be published without any charges in three days, from the day they send their answer.

All newspapers are allowed to move without restrictions. For this reason all the kiosks or stores that sell newspapers have to know that newspapers are available for all the people without any discrimination.