There are a number of newspapers in Cyprus that publish news either on a daily or weekly basis. Many of the newspapers will also have an online version to enable access to your favourite Cypriot source of news no matter where you are in the world.

List of the more well known newspapers in Cyprus:


  • Artsakank  [In English]
  • Baris Gazetesi
  • Cyprus Mail
  • Cyprus Oberver [In English]
  • Cyprus Telegraph [In English]
  • Cyprus Today [In English]
  • The Cyprus Weekly
  • Famagusta Gazette
  • Financial Mirror [Also In English]
  • Haravgi
  • Kibris Gazetesi
  • London Cyprus Information Centre
  • Mikres Aggelies
  • North Cyprus Daily [In English]
  • North Cyprus Free Press [In English]
  • Phileleftheros
  • Politis
  • Shmerini Online
  • Sportnetcy
  • Star Kibris
  • Typos



Cyprus newspapers provide us with a wealth of information regardless of the kind of news story we are looking for. There will be at least one of the Cyprus newspapers that will have the kind of story you are looking for, written in the way that you like to read. Cyprus newspapers will offer news articles on local issues, politics, business, events, celebrations and people. Cyprus newspapers will also provide you with a wealth of information in the entertainment sector. Whatever it is you require from a newspaper, you can be sure to find it in one of the many various Cyprus newspapers.