In the information age of the modern world the internet brings us around the clock news coverage on both crucial and not so crucial happenings in the world. The line between news and gossip is increasingly becoming unclear which the media seems to be unconcerned about.

What is News & Gossip?

The definitions of what is news and what is gossip do not really make it clear. What may seem to be news for one person may be seen as gossip by another person.

News – New information relevant to the public on detailed and timely events or a program dedicated to the delivery of this information to the public.

Gossip – Idle or casual talk about other people that is usually negative and without foundation. Gossip is often broadcast via the media to the public in today’s world.

Media - Forms that convey news or information through mass communication such as newspapers, television and Internet.

There are many news stories out there that are negative in nature but that does not automatically or necessarily make it gossip. News requires some form of validation but the media today makes it very difficult for us to recognise what is news and what is gossip. It can even be said that the media seems to not answer to anyone and can report gossip or news as it sees fit.

You should always make sure that you are aware of the source of a news story prior to reading it. Not only look at the headline but also look at the websites name. Is it a news provider that you trust?